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Dean Cain

“He has me in awe each time he comes to the stage!”

Dean Cain virtual magic show Shaun Jay
Dean Cain
Actor Best Known For His Role As Superman In The Lois and Clark TV Series

Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

I think you are prepared to ignite, my friend!

Virtual Magic Show Endorsed By Entrepreneur On Fire
John Lee Dumas

Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

“One of the best magicians in the country.”

Jeff McBride Reviews Virtual Magic Show Shaun Jay
Jeff McBride

Ed Bassmaster: YouTube Comedian

“I was very impressed!”

Ed Bassmaster: YouTube Comedian

Frank Abagnale (From The Catch Me If You Can Movie)

“He is a great magician!”

Frank Abagnale (Portrayed By Leonardo DiCaprio in “Catch Me If You Can”)

Bob Fitch: Theater Director

“I have a very vivid memory of you, i.e. your energy, it rocks! Its compelling. You love what you’re doing and you sweep me away with the joy you possess & project! There’s a kind of aura that surrounds you and I know that your audience loves being in that aura. Its kind of like being in the warm rays of the sun. It just feels good!”

Bob Fitch Reviews Shaun Jay Virtual Magic Show
Bob Fitch

Shaun Jay Magic Show Testimonials

“OMG they loved you!” – NBC


Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

“They loved it!!  Shaun was so great with his skills, personality, and invoking the crowd.”


Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

Shaun Jay is a captivating performer, and he is able to connect with a diverse array of audiences. I had the privilege of watching him perform for the physics department in PhysicsPhest 2019 at North Carolina State University. Additionally, his interactive virtual magic show during the coronavirus pandemic created an unforgettable memory of fun and bonding for my family during a difficult time. Shaun’s talents as an illusionist have a profound impact on his audience because he utilizes humor and the power of astonishment to inspire and restore a sense of wonder in people. Beyond the magic he creates, there is something truly delightful and magical about his persona— a heralding back to wide-eyed innocence, amazement, and adventure: a chance to experience childhood as it always should have been.

S. Sridhar

Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

Your virtual magic show was a fantastic addition to our virtual happy hour event! We didn’t know what to expect since this was all very new to us, but I do have to say that booking you was very easy and the show far exceeded our expectations. Thanks Shaun for wowing us with your stellar sleight of hand!

Virtual Magic Show
Jennifer S.

Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

Shaun Jay’s Virtual Magic Show was non-stop magic and fun!  Shaun kept the kids engaged and in awe throughout the performance.  Shaun is easy to work with and delivers a virtual event that is lively and entertaining. 

Kim D.
Youth Services Director

Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

Shaun was on target with his virtual magic show delivery, engaging the audience with his natural personality/approach. The joy, passion, and expertise was apparent and on full display!

Jacob White

Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

Your virtual magic shows are awesome! It’s been a while since I’ve felt astonished, inspired, and laughed that hard! I appreciate what you do!


Virtual Magic Show Testimonials

I just want to let you know that I greatly enjoyed your virtual magic show yesterday. Actually, it turned out that such virtual events work great in my situation, since I could stay home in my pjs and munch on my (very) late breakfast, tired after a tough night, and still enjoy your wonderful live event 🙂 So I hope you will keep offering them from time to time. Thank you!
Alicia P.


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