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Are you looking for a Chapel Hill Magician? Magician Shaun Jay is the busiest Chapel Hill Magician! Magician Shaun Jay has been performing as a Magician for thousands of families across the Chapel Hill area. He is a favorite Magician of many families. This Magician has performed at the Streets at Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC and many people from Chapel Hill have hired this magician for family events. People also enjoy the services he can provide for corporate functions such as corporate banquets, awards dinners, sales meetings, and beyond!

Chapel Hill Magician

It’s difficult to find an experienced Chapel Hill Magician these days because of the lack of focus on the quality of the magician. There is more focus on the quantity of how many “units” or “tricks” the magician can provide. Lots of times, quantity just doesn’t beat quality. For example, would you rather hire a surgeon to perform open heart surgery on your best friend if the surgeon has done 1000 surgeries and 500 of them have gone wrong, or would you rather hire a surgeon with 500 surgeries under his belt with all 500 of them being successful? The choice seems to be obvious, but most people don’t think it applies to entertainment. It’s all about quality over quantity. This Chapel Hill magician is possibly the most exciting magician you will ever see!


Combining silky smooth sleight-of-hand and improvisational comedy, Shaun Jay is a memorable magician that can benefit many of your upcoming private events. Whether it is a tradeshow, sales meeting, or an office party, Chapel Hill Magician Shaun Jay is the one for you!