Keynote Speaker

“…Shaun Jay captured the initial opening of our conference and covered points in business that everyone needs to hear.”  

“Shaun Jay masterfully crafted his performance to the needs our organization and delivered a unique-to-our-needs, customized, interactive presentation. From his eagerness to exceed our expectations, to his patience as the show details are reviewed and critiqued until the client gives that final approval…you can be confident that your valued investment in Shaun Jay will be one of the best decisions you make for your event and his performance will WOW your crowd!”

Have you ever sat through a boring presentation by another speaker?

Perhaps the information was there, but the delivery wasn’t?

Reading from a slideshow or handout does not count as a presentation!

Technically anyone can speak, that is how we as humans communicate.

Combining true life experiences, improv comedy, and meticulous sleight-of-hand, Shaun Jay delivers an actual presentationthat will inspire your employees to take their business (and ultimately their lives) to the next level!