Livestream Magic Show

“The Shaun Jay Livestream Magic Show Experience”


This is understandably a very stressful time for everyone right now.

Besides the virus, what is the second most dangerous thing we have to be concerned about.

STRESS! We’re all under LOTS of pressure and stress right now.

Below are just a few of the side effects of stress:

-lowers your immune function
-increases risk of heart attack

Now, we have a choice. Do we allow ourselves to be overrun by this stress or can we moderate and reduce it by doing healthy things to BOOST our immune system like:

+laugh more
+connect with those that we love
+go to sleep earlier
+experience wonder and astonishment

The great news is that all of the above is under our control and I’m here to help!

Since social distancing affects our ability to see each other in person, I’m offering my full one-man show in a livestream magic show format at a discounted price.

If you were planning an upcoming event that everyone was looking forward to and now feel stuck and not sure what to do, consider keeping the date and hosting a VIRTUAL event where everyone can still laugh, connect, experience wonder, and boost your mood and immune system right from your home!