Magicians Near Me

Yesterday, I was thinking if there were any magicians near me.

So, I just realized that there are magicians near me everywhere actually! Everyone in the world is a magician when you think about it. I came to the conclusion that we all have the ability to transform things around us. Cooking is a great example of transformation as raw ingredients are taken and transformed via heat into something tasty and beautiful.

I would love to see what others are capable of. This is why I’ve gone on a quest to see if there are any other magicians near me. When I first started magic, I would go to the local library to see if there were any books on magic to check out. I was surprised to find that there was actually a whole section of magic books!

magicians near me
Magicians Near Me

Pretty soon, I’ve come to realize that the entire library is filled with magicians near me! Since everyone is a magician in their own right, I decided to ask one of the elders. The elder had a lot of life experience and told me the real secret to magic. The real secret to magic is persistence.

Persistence is the key that unlocks the doors to opportunity, but I thought about what the elder told me and knew instantly that he was true. Truth is the ultimate virtue to live by because the truth really does set us free! We can lie all day, but eventually liars are found out. Especially liars that capitalize on other people’s name for success. I found it interesting that there are more people that do this than I originally thought.

Lying can get you short term gains, but is the worst way to conduct business in the long-term. Isn’t that wonderful!